Wafer Level Packaging Systems

ACM systems delivering advanced performance
for a spectrum of WLP applications

Customized WLP equipment —
From coating and plating to stripping and etching

In addition to its leading-edge wafer cleaning systems, ACM also provides equipment for a spectrum of applications in wafer level processing (WLP). We leverage our special wet processing technology and expertise to provide a range of single-wafer tools for back-end wafer assembly and packaging factories. We focus on providing custom-made, differentiated equipment that can incorporate customer-requested features and integration of multiple ACM technologies to enhance performance — and at a competitive price.

For example, the ACM Coater is used in applying photoresist, a light-sensitive material used in photolithography to transfer a pattern from a mask onto a wafer. Coaters typically provide input and output elevators, shuttle systems and other devices to handle and transport wafers during the coating process. Unlike most coaters, however, the ACM Coater is fully automated. In addition, based on requests from customers, we incorporated the special function of a chamber auto-clean module into the Coater, which makes it considerably easier to use and further differentiates it from other products in the market. The ACM Coater delivers improved throughput and more efficient tool utilization while eliminating particle generation.

A spectrum of advanced WLP tools

ACM understands the diverse needs that different WLP users can have, so we have the capabilities to accommodate individual equipment requests from our customers. Here are a number of the unique WLP systems we have developed as a result of just such requests:

Please let us know if you have special wet-processing system requirements that we might help you with.