ACM Technical Papers

Advancing semiconductor wet processing technologies

Removal of Fine Particles using SAPS Technology and Functional Water

SAPS megasonic technology coupled with functional water has a significant capability for fine particle removal in wafer cleaning, and the mechanism for this functioning is explained by radical generation.
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TSV Cleaning using SAPS Megasonic Cleaning Technology

SAPS megasonic technology incorporated with dilute solution has a high cleaning efficiency for fluoropolymer sidewall residue removal in post silicon etch TSV cleaning, with minimal damage to the structures and low material loss.
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Highly Uniform Cu Film Deposition by Electrochemical Methods

A deposited Cu film that has within-film nonuniformity (WFNU) exceeding 2.5% fails to meet the requirement for subsequent CMP process. WFNU less than 1.0% was achieved for 3000Å Cu film deposited on 350Å Cu seed through optimization of chamber design and the deposition process.
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Optimization of Film Uniformity by Electrochemical Copper Deposition Chamber Design

The impact of chamber design parameters on the non-uniformity of Cu film deposited by electrochemical method were investigated quantitatively by simulating the film growth process. Further studies were conducted to optimize basic process parameters.
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