TEBO-Technology Cleaning

For removing the smallest defects without damage —
even delicate 3D structures with very high aspect ratios

Smart Megasonix™
Outperforming conventional megasonics

Traditional megasonic cleaning has reached its limits. The conventional cleaning methods are no longer able to remove the smallest killer defects without causing device damage. This is why ACM has developed Smart Megasonix™ — a smarter, more innovative suite of single-wafer wet cleaning technologies that can be used at existing and future process nodes across the range of processing steps — to achieve more thorough, comprehensive cleaning without damage to device features. These proprietary damage-free wafer cleaning technologies are able to control both the power intensity and the distribution of megasonic cleaning — to produce dramatically positive results.

TEBO — Cleaning for the most advanced devices

The ACM TEBO wafer cleaning series provides the industry’s most advanced solution for front-end IC manufacturing. The proprietary TEBO (Timely Energized Bubble Oscillation) technology — part of Smart Megasonix™ — uses an innovative megasonic cleaning technique. Combined with special chamber/platform design it enables an unprecedented level of damage-free wafer cleaning for current and future generations of advanced chips, including 3D patterned wafers and extremely small, high aspect-ratio devices.

Previous megasonic tools tended to cause damage to very small or fragile patterned wafer surfaces due to transit cavitation.  However, the ACM TEBO tools specifically address that issue and provide much more complete, thorough, wafer-wide cleaning — with little or no damage — for all types of advanced devices. TEBO technology has already demonstrated high particle removal efficiency (PRE) on 1X nm patterned wafers, and it can be applied to even smaller process nodes and for 3D device structures such as FinFET and 3D NAND and vias with aspect ratios as high as 60:1.

Major Benefits

Smart Megasonix technology
This smarter megasonic damage-free wafer cleaning technology is the driving force behind our tool which can surpass other conventional technologies in PRE, yield, and wafer structure damage prevention. This tool delivers highly uniform sonic energy to the entire wafer through alternating phases of megasonic waves. The tool goes a step further and solves the problem of transit cavitation, which is seen in conventional megasonic cleaning. TEBO technology is able to stabilize the cavitation and prevent the damage caused by bubble implosion during the cleaning process.

Easy-to-use Superior Technology
Our tool contains powerful modules such as high-precision wafer transfer systems, a superior fan filter & exhaust unit, and independent control of the process environment for each chamber. All of these modules are designed to be simple to use while providing very high particle removal efficiency. ACM’s technology and cleaning methods also ensure surface passivation (chemical oxide control) as well as preventing defects caused by chemical fumes. TEBO technology also allows more dilute chemicals and solvents to be used, which helps to decrease the cost of wafer cleaning and reduce environmental concerns.

Precise Control
Our tools contain state-of-the-art chemical temperature and flow rate control systems. This ensures that chemicals are released at the precisely correct amount and at the desired temperature throughout the process. We are able to provide a controlled flow rate that is within +/- 0.3 LPM of the desired flow rate and within +/-0.5 Celsius of the desired temperature.

Reduced costs, protecting the environment
ACM is committed to helping protect our world’s environment. Hence, all our machines are fitted with chemical recycle and filter systems that reuse chemicals and decrease waste — and also decrease the user’s costs.

Features & Specifications

  • 12” wafer compatibility
  • Process Module includes:
    • 1 to 12 sets of cleaning chambers with:
      • ULPA FFU in each cleaning chamber
      • 1 to 5 sets liquid nozzles in each cleaning chamber
      • 2 to 3 liquid cup layer for at most 2 chemicals reclaim
      • N2 nozzle for wafer drying
      • 1 to 3 backside cleaning nozzles
      • TEBO Smart Megasonix unit in each cleaning chamber;
  • Chemical and Plumbing Module includes
    • 1 to 5 sets of chemical delivery units
  • Wafer transfer module includes:
    • 2 to 4 load ports
    • 1 to 2 sets robot with 2 to 4 mechanical robot arms
    • ULPA FFU in robot bay